Create a Shortcut to Instant Search in Windows Vista

This post shows you how to create a shortcut to the search feature in Windows Vista, which is especially nice since it was removed from the start menu (the link) in Vista SP1.

1) Right-click the desktop and select New->Shortcut

2)In the text box, enter search-ms: .

3) Follow the instructions and finally an icon will appear on your screen saying “New Internet Shortcut”. Now, we can’t have that, can we?

4) To change this terrible thing, first rename the file Search. Then, right-click the icon and select “Properties”. 

5) In the “Properties” window, select the “Web Document” tab. Then select “Change Icon…”

6) In the Change Icon window, click in the text box and enter C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll. Then hit the enter key.

7) A new selection of icon choices should appear. Select the icon you want (I chose the Magnifying Glass default Search icon) and select “OK”

8) You now have a Search icon on your desktop. Hooray!


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