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Create a Shortcut to Instant Search in Windows Vista

This post shows you how to create a shortcut to the search feature in Windows Vista, which is especially nice since it was removed from the start menu (the link) in Vista SP1.

1) Right-click the desktop and select New->Shortcut

2)In the text box, enter search-ms: .

3) Follow the instructions and finally an icon will appear on your screen saying “New Internet Shortcut”. Now, we can’t have that, can we?

4) To change this terrible thing, first rename the file Search. Then, right-click the icon and select “Properties”. 

5) In the “Properties” window, select the “Web Document” tab. Then select “Change Icon…”

6) In the Change Icon window, click in the text box and enter C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll. Then hit the enter key.

7) A new selection of icon choices should appear. Select the icon you want (I chose the Magnifying Glass default Search icon) and select “OK”

8) You now have a Search icon on your desktop. Hooray!

Create a Password Reset Disk in XP/Vista

With many people nowadays password-protecting their computers using Windows, I figure it’s always good to have a backup. This shows you how to make a password reset disc. You will need: A computer, a floppy disc (XP/Vista), or a USB Flash drive (Vista only).

1) Navigate to Control Panel and select User Accounts.

2) Select the user account you want to make the reset disc for.

3) Insert a blank floppy disc/flash drive (Vista)

4)  Navigate to the sidebar in the screen with the user’s options and select “Create a password reset disc”

5) Make sure that if you change your password after this you make a new disc; it will not work if the password is changed.

6) Keep the disc somewhere safe ( Do not leave it on your desk next to the computer and/or write PASSWORD RESET DISC on it with Sharpie)

Cool App Lets You Create Your Own Error Messages

As I was surfing YouTube the other day, I glanced upon a video explaining how to create your own error messages. By doing a little digging, I found out that there is an application that does it for you. It’s called Fake error creator eng, and it can be downloaded here (in .rar format, can be opened with 7-zip which can be downloaded here).

Windows Vista Personilaztion Video has Hidden Program Running

In one of the videos under Help and How-to on the Microsoft website, Michael Stroh shows us how to change the visual appearence of our Vista PCs. I already know how to do this, but while I was watching the video I noticed something. Michael had a program called WindowBlinds running on his laptop. I noticed this when I saw the little WB icon on the taskbar.


WindowBlinds is a program created by Stardock that allows users to change the look and feel of their computers. I found it interesting that although Michael appears to like the personizilation options in Windows Vista, he seems to prefer the skinning capabilities of WindowBlinds, shown below.

I would be interested to know why Michael had the program running when he was supposed  to be showcasing the capabilities of Windows Vista!

Watch the video here

Download a demo of WindowBlinds here

Download YouTube Videos

A worthy topic, I think. So many people out there probably want to know how. It’s actually pretty easy.

1)Go to
2)Find the video you want to download.
3)copy the URL of the video.
4)Go to and paste the URL of the video in the box.
5)Right click the file after the site has found the Download address for you and select “Save Target As..”
6) Save the file (rename it first as [filename].flv) to the desktop.
7) If you have an iPod and want the videos on it, follow steps listed below. If you don’t have an iPod, skip down to step 8B

8a) [Ipod users only] Go to and download the free Videora iPod Converter
9a)convert the file to mp4 format using this tool

8b) You must find a converter to convert the flv file to the desired format. There are many out there, but I recommend SUPER converter because it accepts loads of different formats. Get it at

Alternatives to Internet Explorer BESIDES Firefox

Most people are familiar with Firefox, an alternative to IE (Internet Explorer). But not many people are that familiar with some of the other alternatives. One of them, Apple Safari, is becoming more popular with Windows users. It has a Mac OS X interface and is very fast, but it does lack a phishing filter and some other security features, but it does have some security and is very good for fast browsing.

Safari (Click image to be taken to the download page)

Opera is another alternative. This particualr browser has two versions, desktop and mini (Mini is for cell phones)

Lastly, I have selected the Element Browser, a great browser with an Office 2007 look and feel. It is still developing, so it does have a few glitches, but in the future I believe it will become a great browser.